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DeJ Loaf’s New Video “In Living Color” is the Vibrant Jolt You Need Right Now

If you’re feeling the pre-Christmas lull, this is an ideal antidote.

by Lauren O'Neill
Dec 24 2016, 3:17pm

Detroit musician DeJ Loaf recently took a trip to South Africa, which she documented on video. Another product of that trip was her new music video for "In Living Color", which dropped yesterday and is here to give you that pre-Christmas jolt you needed.

Shot around Cape Town, the visual showcases the sort of landscapes that travel brochures routinely (and rightfully) describe as "breathtaking", and they look especially great with DeJ stuntin' all stylish in front of them.

The track itself is fun, breezy and celebratory, with the sort of tropical edge that will take you off to climes far away, and should make it a mainstay on all of your party playlists for the foreseeable future.

Watch the video for "In Living Color" below:

(Image via YouTube)