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Daily Horoscopes: October 10, 2018

The moon enters Scorpio today.
October 9, 2018, 10:00pm
Illustration by Lili Emtiaz

The moon enters intuitive water sign Scorpio at 12:09 AM and interesting conversations take place as the moon meets communication planet Mercury at 12:36 AM. Surprising feelings come up at 2:05 AM, when the moon opposes Uranus, but a grounded energy arrives as the moon connects with Saturn at 6:12 AM. Shocking news comes as Mercury opposes Uranus at 1:35 PM. The moon squares off with Mars at 6:02 PM, bringing some agitation; however, the moon meets sweet Venus, which is currently retrograde, at 6:15 PM. Tonight is passionate as Venus retrograde squares off with action planet Mars at 10:29 PM.

All times EST.


The moon enters Scorpio today, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your finances, and some shocking news about money—or about your sex life— comes your way today. You’re ready to make moves that you couldn’t before.


The moon enters your sign today, Scorpio, encouraging you to focus on self-care. Surprising shifts take place in your relationships today as an unexpected conversation arrives. A passionate energy flows this evening, as you take action to get something you want.


The moon enters mysterious water sign Scorpio today, lighting up a very private sector of your chart. Don’t overbook yourself today, Sagittarius, because surprising news and unexpected plans are sure to arrive!


The moon enters Scorpio, lighting up the friendship and communication sector of your chart, and plenty of drama is sure to take place today. Tonight, you’re taking action to get something that you've wanted but was previously denied to you.


The moon enters Scorpio today, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules worldly success! Plenty of excitement takes place as communication planet Mercury opposes your ruling planet, Uranus, and Venus retrograde squares off with the planet of war, Mars, currently in your sign.


The moon enters fellow water sign Scorpio today, encouraging you to try something new. A shocking conversation or piece of news arrives, and you’re starting to be able to put words to something you couldn’t explain.


You’re in an intense mood today, as the moon enters water sign Scorpio—surprising news is sure to arrive concerning your sex life or financial wellbeing! Venus retrograde squares off with your ruling planet Mars, creating a passionate mood.


Your focus turns to your relationships today, Taurus, as the moon enters your opposite sign, Scorpio—a conversation that will bring great change is here. It’s said that Tauruses hate change, but that’s what today is all about.


The moon enters Scorpio today, finding you in a productive mood. However, some unexpected events will take place to throw off your schedule—that’s OK; you’ll be quick to work things out, and an exciting adventure may ensue.


The moon enters fellow water sign Scorpio today, finding you in a romantic and creatively inspired mood! However, drama and surprising news will arrive today. Passionate energy flows this evening—deep connections are formed.


You love the spotlight, Leo, but you’re in a very private mood today as the moon enters sensitive water sign Scorpio. Shocking news arrives, and you find yourself making changes and taking action in your partnerships.


The moon enters Scorpio today, illuminating the communication sector of you chart. Shocking news is sure to come your way, and you’re ready to make some big changes around how things are done.

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