Illustration by Amanda Lanzone

Monthly Horoscope: Libra, December 2018

Welcome to Sagittarius season, Libra!

Nov 29 2018, 4:20pm

Illustration by Amanda Lanzone

Sagittarius is a gregarious, free-spirited, and blunt fire sign—and Sag season finds you running around your neighborhood, networking, shaking hands, signing papers, and sharing ideas. It’s usually an especially potent time for you—but this year, Mercury retrograde finds your Sagittarius season rife with delays and miscommunications. (A warning: Avoid signing contracts, because the terms may need to change!)

Mercury retrograde enters Scorpio on December 1, activating the financial sector of your chart, so money and being wise about your budget is your special focus early this month! Avoid making big or important purchases, if you can. That said, something you lost long ago may be rediscovered—like your favorite ring in a couch cushion! After this autumn's retrograde, your ruling planet Venus reenters Scorpio on December 2, finding you moving forward with issues concerning money, and on a deeper level, self-worth. Venus finally clears its shadow on December 17, after which, you'll really feel like you’re in new territory instead of wading and working through the same old! You tend to bend over backward for people, Libra, but what’s been beautiful about this retrograde—as frustrating as it might have been—is that you came through for you.

The new moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 7, bringing a new perspective your way. A fresh start around communication is here, so be on the lookout for some news! However, this new moon does have some tricky energy, since Mars and Neptune meet in the sky on the same day, finding your head in the clouds and feeling sluggish around getting any work done. Don’t plan important meetings, and if you can take the whole day off, do so. There’s a twinge of paranoia in the air, but don’t let it get to you—Neptune’s the planet of fantasy, but also delusion!

Mercury reenters Sagittarius on December 12, igniting the communication sector of your chart and bringing lots of news your way—finally, things won’t feel as foggy as they did under Neptune’s haze. While the first bit of December isn’t the easiest to work through, mid-month has plenty for you to enjoy: Your ruling planet Venus connects with Saturn on December 16, creating a hugely supportive energy that's wonderful for discussing commitments! Action planet Mars connects with power planet Pluto on December 17, helping you break patterns and habits that no longer serve you. Unexpected news and a breakthrough in communication arrives on December 20, when the sun connects with electric Uranus.

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December 21 is especially magical: Your ruling planet Venus connects with Neptune, whisking you off your feet! The mood is extremely romantic—and the energy isn’t just juicy in your love life, but around material manifestation as well—financial abundance may be the result of these two planet’s cosmic connection. Lots of talk is sure to take place, too: Mercury meets Jupiter on December 21—just watch out for exaggerations! Expect your phone to ring off the hook. You’re going to find yourself in a more sensitive mood—a little less willing to text all day, like you did during Sagittarius season—and eager to spend time at home and with family, thanks to the beginning of Capricorn season on December 21. With the arrival of the winter solstice, you’re in a nostalgic mood, and you want to stay cozy by the fire with your loved ones!

The full moon in Cancer arrives on December 22, shining a spotlight on the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation. You have a deep emotional investment in the work that you do for the world, and it’s important to you that you leave a meaningful impact. The full moon in Cancer will illuminate where you are on this journey. You’ll be releasing some ideas that you internalized from your family or society as a young person, as you’ve learned that that’s not really how the world works, or how you want to live in it.

Fiery Mars enters Aries, your opposite sign, on December 31, igniting the relationship sector of your chart! If the people you've been partnering with have been flip-flopping, unsure of what to do or how they feel, Mars in Aries will find them in a decisive, action-oriented mood—maybe even a little bossy! Good luck this month, Libra, and see you in 2019!