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How is the Chargers Move to Los Angeles Going? Not Great!

The Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. How is it going so far? Pretty terribly.
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The Chargers Are Bolting San Diego And I Don't Care

One San Diego sports fan finds it difficult to feel sad about losing a team that has given him so much misery throughout the years.
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Stop Politicizing A Soccer Match Between the U.S. and Mexico

Friday's World Cup qualifying match between the U.S. and Mexico is unnecessarily being promoted against the backdrop of Tuesday's presidential election.
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Vince Staples Tweeting About the WNBA Finals Is the Reason We Love Sports and Vince Staples

Vince Staples tweeting about the WNBA in the middle of the baseball playoffs and the Thursday night NFL game reminded us about what makes sports great.
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Yulieski Gurriel's MLB Debut Was the End of an Era for Cuban Baseball

For many years, the Cuban government hailed baseball player Yulieski Gurriel as a symbol of the success of the revolution. On Sunday, Gurriel, only months after defecting from Cuba, made his MLB debut.
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MLS Players Union Executive Director Calls Lawsuit Against Dempsey, Yedlin, Bradley "A Shakedown For Money"

MLSPU Executive Director Bob Foose believes that applying FIFA mandated solidarity payments to U.S. clubs could have a "horrible" affect on youth soccer development in the U.S.
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Youth Clubs File Class Action Lawsuit vs. MLS Players Union and Dempsey, Yedlin and Bradley

A dramatic restructuring of the U.S. youth soccer system may occur as a result of a lawsuit that was filed in federal court on Friday.
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U.S. Youth Club Given OK To File Complaint With FIFA Regarding DeAndre Yedlin Transfer

FIFA gives youth club permission to file a complaint regarding solidarity fees.
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U.S. Soccer Attempting to Convince Deandre Yedlin's Youth Club to Halt Pursuit of Solidarity Fees

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U.S. Youth Club Petitions FIFA For Right To Collect Fees on DeAndre Yedlin

One U.S. youth club is challenging U.S. Soccer's stance toward payment of solidarity fees.
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A Comprehensive Visual Analysis of Mock Drafts From 2000

A walk through mock memory lane and some light theorizing about the coming alien overlords.
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MLS's Misguided Quest For Glory

MLS spends far too much time worrying about winning the flawed CONCACAF Champions League tournament and it makes the league look like an amateur act.
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