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A New League for NBA Alums Looking for Another Chance

The average NBA career lasts just 4.5 years, and not everyone is ready to stop playing ball when they're cut from the roster. Enter the Champions Basketball League.
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skateboard diplomacy

Meet the USC Professor Who Wants to Solve the World's Problems with Skateboarding

Neftalie Williams sees skating as a tool for cultural diplomacy—something he has experienced firsthand while working with kids in countries such as Cuba, Brazil, Spain, and Afghanistan.
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Rio 2016

These Past Two US Men's Basketball Exhibition Games Are a Window into the Hurting They'll Put on the World

For the rest of the world, the scariest part is that this team hasn't even reached its full potential.
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usa basketball

Team USA is Loaded, But Who the Hell Starts?

The U.S. Basketball roster has been announced for Rio. What should we expect?
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Mountain Biker Eats it When He Runs Right into a Goddamned Bear

Bears are menace to everyone, even mountain bikers.
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Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers Celebrated Winning the NBA Finals by Partying All Night in Vegas

The Cavaliers enjoyed their victory last night from the locker room to Las Vegas
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crazy explosive

Move Over Steph Curry, Andrew Wiggins Also Has Ugly New Sneakers

Andrew Wiggins and Adidas join the "What are thoooooose??" brigade.
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Chef Curry Cooked Up a Pair of Two Lows That Are Bland as Hell

The shoes look like something worn by the manager of your local CVS Pharmacy.
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Rockies Mental Lapse Leads to Double Baseman Vision and a Safe at First

Sometimes, simple is better.
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