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indigenous surfing

Here's What's Going On With Indigenous Surfing In Australia Right Now

We spoke to eight-time Victorian Indigenous Champion Jordie Campbell, one of the main organisers of all the Indigenous surfing events around Australia, at this weekend's Australian Indigenous Titles.
Mimi LaMontagne
world surf league

Parity Meets Progression: Looking at Pay Equality in the World of Pro Surfing

The figures might surprise you.
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oi rio pro

This Year's Oi Rio Pro Could be the World Surf League's Most Controversial Event Ever

Zika, bad waves, dirty water, shootings, and a beach destroyed by storms are not enough to keep the WSL out of Brazil. But Kelly Slater, Taj Burrows, and others feel otherwise.
Mimi LaMontagne

The Strange, Sad Case of the Australian Girl Whose Disappearance and Death Sparked National Headlines

There have been no arrests since Tiahleigh Palmer's body was found in a river late last year. As I discovered, it's because there are so few clues.
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Talking with Australians Stuck in Bali Thanks to a Cloud of Volcanic Ash

Mount Rinjani is spewing ash into Indonesian airspace, grounding flights and leaving people stranded on an extended holiday.
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Untangling Australia's Complicated Sex Laws at a Gold Coast Swingers Club

Welcome to the Chateau Vino where they don't sell alcohol, but do have 11 play rooms out back.
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I Stood in a Mist of Gin and Tonics and Felt Disappointed

This year's Brisbane Festival has a bar that serves drinks via an immersive fog.
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I Spent a Night Touring the Gold Coast’s Worst Rated Nightclubs

Why do people criticise the Goldy? We went to find out, armed with a list of reviews by anonymous internet whingers.
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Hostel Owners are Exploiting Backpackers in Mildura

Backpackers in Australia can extend their working visas in exchange for three months of farm labor. But some backpackers are getting totally exploited, as they try, and fail, to find work.
Mimi LaMontagne