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sports welfare

Miami's Publicly-Funded Ballpark Won't Make Marlins Owner Jeff Loria Richer

The math behind the baseball team's pending sale shows that while stadium subsidies soak taxpayers, they don't seem to make MLB franchises much more valuable.
Neil deMause
Donald Trump

​Trump's Infrastructure Plan Could Be a Giant Sports Welfare Giveaway

Donald Trump's proposed tax breaks for private construction investors and contractors could mean additional multimillion-dollar public subsidies for sports stadiums.
Neil deMause

The Man Who Brought the Nets to Brooklyn

In an excerpt from the book "The Brooklyn Wars", author Neil deMause details how developer Bruce Ratner plotted to build the Barclays Center in order to attract the Nets to Brooklyn.
Neil deMause

Are The Islanders Leaving Brooklyn? Only If They Can't Shake Down Mikhail Prokhorov

New York Islanders co-owners John Ledecky and Scott Malkin reportedly are in talks to move to Queens. Is they serious about relocating, or just angling for a better deal at the Barclays Center?
Neil deMause

Even If the Sports Cable Bubble Bursts, You Probably Won't Save Money

Disney's reported $1 billion planned investment into BAM Tech, MLB's streaming-video company, is one of many reasons to believe that even in the era of cable cord-cutting, fans will still pay premium prices for sport broadcasts.
Neil deMause

​Hockey Night in Vegas: The NHL's Newest Franchise May Not Make Sense, But It Will Bring Dollars

The Vegas NHL deal makes almost no sense. But it involve the team playing in a privately built arena with no taxpayer subsidies—so at least it's not dangerous.
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suntrust park

Cobb County And The Braves: Worst Sports Stadium Deal Ever?

The Atlanta Braves' new ballpark was approved in utterly undemocratic fashion and may end up costing taxpayers more than $400 million. Where does it rank in the annals of lousy stadium deals?
Neil deMause
new vegas fallout

How Moving the Raiders to Vegas Went from Completely Crazy to Crazy Like a Fox Overnight

For Nevada residents, throwing a billion dollars or more at Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis, the 22nd-richest man in the world, would represent a new pinnacle of sports-swindle insanity.
Neil deMause
state of the art

The Diamondbacks Want Out of Chase Field, and Every Other Team Could Be Next

When every other team seems to have a newer, shinier stadium, owners whose buildings are barely of legal age may cry "state of the art," as the Arizona Diamondbacks did recently, and hope that taxpayers will pick up the bill.
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ticket resales

Screwing Over Sports Ticket Buyers? There's An App For That

The Minnesota Timberwolves recently joined the New York Yankees in requiring a phone app ticket system that puts a price floor on resales. Fans have responded with a lawsuit. If this is the future, who actually benefits?
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nfl return to la

Rams Leave St. Louis, Raiders and Chargers in Limbo: Winners and Losers of the NFL's Return to LA

The St. Louis Rams are moving back to Los Angeles, and either the San Diego Chargers or the Oakland Raiders may eventually join them. We evaluate what happened—and what happens next.
Neil deMause
nfl to los angeles

Which NFL Teams Will Move To LA? A Bettor's Guide

The St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders all want to move to Los Angeles, and NFL owners will vote on the matter next week. We break down the likeliest outcomes.
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