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Goodbye, Crumbs: Remembering Jerry Krause, Architect of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls

It's unlikely that Krause will join Jordan and Phil Jackson in the Basketball Hall of Fame; if he ever does, the display might well be a huge set of cojones.
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What Steve Kerr Learned from Getting Punched in the Face by Michael Jordan

When Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr smashed a whiteboard during the NBA Finals, it revealed the "feisty" perfectionism beneath his genial exterior—the same trait that once led to a fight with Chicago Bulls teammate Michael Jordan.
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Kobe Bryant And The End

Supremely self-confident to a fault, Kobe Bryant worked and willed himself to basketball greatness. Now he has to figure out how to quit the game that defines him.
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Can NBA Player-Coach Relationships Survive the Salary Cap Explosion?

A lucrative new television deal is about to send NBA player salaries soaring, and could affect locker room power dynamics.
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Shrink to Fit In: Why Small Ball Is Sweeping the NBA

The Golden State Warriors just won an NBA title by going small, and the rest of the league appears to be following suit.
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Can Jahlil Okafor's Old School Game Thrive With The New School Philadelphia 76ers?

The NBA is moving away from traditional post players, but Jahlil Okafor's back-to-the-basket prowess could take the Philadelphia 76ers back to the future.
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Jim Vs. Jeanie: The Sibling Rivalry That's Undermining The Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers' recent on-court struggles can be traced to the ongoing off-court conflict between siblings Jim and Jeanie Buss.
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What If Kristaps Porzingis Was Actually Good?

So far so good for Kristaps Porzingis, the much maligned New York Knicks first round draft pick.
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The Zen Master's Zen Master: How Phil Jackson's Mindfulness Guru Is Helping The New York Knicks

George Mumford, who has worked with both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, is trying to strengthen the minds of the New York Knicks so that they can be stress-free and successful.
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How Far Can Hero Ball Take LeBron James?

LeBron James has dominated the NBA Finals like few players in basketball history. But does his best chance for continuing greatness require sublimating his talents to a more egalitarian offensive system?
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How Tex Winter Has Influenced the Golden State Warriors

Tex Winter helped Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant win NBA titles. Now, the 93-year-old coach's Triangle offense and passion for fundamentals are helping Golden State in the NBA Finals.
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Could LeBron James Coach The Cleveland Cavaliers, Too?

During the NBA Finals, LeBron James has been a coach-on-the-floor for the Cleveland Cavaliers. League history suggests he could handle the job for real.
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