Food Op-Ed

Jennifer Garner's Cooking Videos Are the Last Good Thing on Facebook

Watching Jennifer Garner make bagels is the only thing that Zuckerberg's hellscape is good for.
Bettina Makalintal
17 minutes ago
climate change

Your Frequent Flyer Status Is Part of the Problem

If you take six or more flights a year, you're part of an elite class of people whose behavior needs to change.
Harry Cheadle
29 minutes ago

It’s Official: Pelosi Asks for Articles of Impeachment

The House will proceed to a full impeachment vote in the coming weeks.
Cameron Joseph
32 minutes ago
gun violence

What We Know About the Shooting at Pearl Harbor

An active duty sailor opened fire at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard on Wednesday, killing two civilians before taking his own life.
Tim Marcin
38 minutes ago

At Least 58 Migrants Dead After Smuggler's Boat Capsizes in the Atlantic

The un-seaworthy vessel was carrying at least 150 people, including women and children.
Tim Hume
an hour ago
Far-Right Extremism

Neo-Nazi Terror Group Harbouring Missing Ex-Soldier: Sources

Patrik Mathews, an ex-soldier from Canada that disappeared in August, allegedly illegally entered the U.S. with the help of The Base and is now in hiding.
Ben Makuch
Mack Lamoureux
Zachary Kamel
2 hours ago

What Happened After Chicago Police Cut Down on Busting Drug Possession and Prostitution

The city's police started working less after an officer was sentenced for killing black teen Laquan McDonald. But Chicago actually got safer.
Rob Arthur
2 hours ago

The Blood Pipe Is Still Spewing Blood After Nearly Two Years

Newly-obtained footage shows the underwater fish farm pipe in British Columbia is still churning out virus-infected blood and guts.
Samantha Cole
2 hours ago

FCC Says Wireless Carriers Lie About Coverage 40% of the Time

Real world tests show that mobile speed and coverage maps are often more fantasy than reality.
Karl Bode
2 hours ago

Evernote Gave Dark Web Dealer’s Notes to the DEA

As part of a dark web investigation, Evernote handed over a suspect's notes stored on the company's servers.
Joseph Cox
2 hours ago

WhatsApp Is Kicking Kashmiris Out of Their Accounts

Kashmir has been cut off from the world for four months. Now, the internet shutdown could wipe out people's photos, videos, and cherished memories.
David Gilbert
2 hours ago
food news

Low-Cost Airline Opens Restaurant to Prove Its Plane Food Doesn't Suck

Weird flex, but OK.
Jelisa Castrodale
3 hours ago