AT&T Homepage Mistakenly Warns Users of a Non-Existent Data Breach

The boilerplate FAQ is an interesting peek behind the curtain at how companies prepare for data breaches, and at how they pre-plan their apologies.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
8 minutes ago

A Computer Afflicted With 6 Infamous Viruses Has Passed $1 Million at Auction

The art project can be yours for a mere seven figures.
Rob Dozier
32 minutes ago

This 'Human Cheese' Is Made From Celebrity Skin Bacteria

If you've ever wanted to eat cheese made from Heston Blumenthal's crotch or Ruby Tandoh's nose, now's your chance!
Bettina Makalintal
33 minutes ago
music features

Know When to Dance Like a Woman, and Look Like a Man

When Millennium Dance Complex opened in the 90s, the world of hip-hop had very specific visions of how men and women should look and perform. Two decades later, a lot has changed.
Spenser Mestel
41 minutes ago
Games News

Newly Surfaced Arcade Documents from the 1970s Predicted a Wild Future for Video Games

Atari executives thought we'd replace roller coasters with arcade machines.
Mitch Bowman
an hour ago
Games Reviews

The Grotesque 'A Plague Tale' Has a Great Story (And Too Many Rats)

It's a stealth game that never, ever wants you to get caught, but that's okay; you're here for the story.
Patrick Klepek
an hour ago

Who’s Afraid of Huawei?

In this week's CYBER podcast, we spoke to VICE News reporter William Turton, who just spent a week in China as part of a bizzarre Huawei junket.
Motherboard Staff
2 hours ago

Easy Giardiniera Recipe

The perfect condiment for lots of things, and also a great way to preserve all those vegetables you've been meaning to eat.
Amanda Catrini
2 hours ago

Hong Kong's Creationist Theme Park Is Somehow Worse Than It Sounds

I tried to give Noah's Ark Hong Kong a fair shake. What I found there bordered on terrifying.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
2 hours ago

What It Looks Like to Ethically Slaughter a Duck

Chef Elise Kornack and farmer Kyle Jaster show us the less pretty side of prepping and cooking a dozen ducks.
Peter Barrett
3 hours ago

I Played Meat Bingo at a Century-Old Oregon Dive Bar

Founded in 1926 by Russian socialists, Workers Tavern is the perfect place to win bratwursts and talk to whiskey-swilling grandmas.
Morena Duwe
3 hours ago

Two Editors on How to Make an Abortion Ban Funny

The cofounders of satire site Reductress talk about how they're capturing people's collective rage.
Marie Solis
4 hours ago