How to Fit in a Real Workout When You Have Only 20 Minutes

When you can't dedicate as much time to training as you might like, here's how to keep your priorities straight—without feeling guilty.





Reproductive Rights


  • IUDs Won't Save Us Now

    Calling for everyone to get an IUD in the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death overlooks the current reality in several states, and doesn’t do anything to help those already living without abortion access, even as Roe v. Wade stands.

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death Puts Obamacare in Jeopardy

    A challenge to the Affordable Care Act is scheduled to come before the Supreme Court Nov. 10, just days after Election Day.

  • COVID-19 Patients Keep Fleeing From Hospitals in India

    Misinformation and stigma around the novel coronavirus has led to more than 100 patients fleeing from COVID-19 care facilities. 

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