Even Without Bathroom Bills, Restrooms Can Be Terrifying for Trans People

A cis man in Oregon was convicted of a hate crime last week after brutally beating a trans woman for using a women's restroom.

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4 days ago
Everyone Else Is Dealing with COVID-19. Idaho’s Pushing an Anti-Trans Bill

"They don't have their priorities straight."

5 days ago
Men Who Love Trans Women: The Former Conservative

Paolo's politics have shifted from Fox News-right to the Bernie-supporting left. Through it all, he's openly dated trans women.

Anti-LGBTQ Hate Groups Are Surging in the U.S.

Trump has allowed "unfettered access"to the White House for leaders of anti-LGBTQ groups, which experts say has only spurred their rise.


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Why I Left LuLaroe and Started Driving For GrubHub

Jill Domme was one of 80,000 retailers who joined LuLaRoe. Consumed by early success, she is now paying off $39,000 in debt by driving GrubHub as her second job.

The Lingerie Brand Doing What Victoria’s Secret Won’t

Playful Promises is known for pioneering the fashion space with their size and gender inclusivity.

Rapper Taylor Bennett is the King of Capricorns

We sit down with celebrities and learn more about their personality traits in a game of astrology bingo.


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6 Stories of Roommates Who Hooked Up While Isolating at Home Together

True tales of queer lust, gay yearning, and microwavable entrees, all under one roof.

Coronavirus Is Exposing How the Health Care System Neglects LGBTQ People

How discrimination, collective health problems, and limited access to doctors make LGBTQ communities especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

Everyone Else Is Dealing with COVID-19. Idaho’s Pushing an Anti-Trans Bill

"They don't have their priorities straight."


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The Race Is Down to ‘Two Old White Men.’ Women's Groups Can Still Weigh In

The primary is between Biden and Sanders, but that doesn't mean women's groups should sit this one out.

I've Lived as a Fat Person in Two Genders

Will I find more peace with my size as a man than I ever could as a woman?

'Be Careful Who You Treat Like Shit': A Former Porn Star Sues Her School

Nicole Gililland alleges that her college discriminated against her for working in porn. She's hoping to set a new legal precedent for sex workers.


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People Suspected of Witchcraft Are Still Being Persecuted and Killed

An international group of advocates are urging the U.N. to do something about the ostracization and violence.

What to Do if You're Worried About Pregnancy Discrimination at Work

Even though it's illegal to treat parents unfairly, it still happens—and can be hard to recognize, let alone prove.

Where Each 2020 Democratic Candidate Stands on Palestine and Israel

This has long been one of few bipartisan issues, but that could change in 2020.

Police Violently Raided a Black Montrealer's Party at Gunpoint by Mistake, Man Alleges

Taylor Zamor says he was slammed to the ground after cops barged into his apartment during a Super Bowl party, claiming they were searching for two Black men accused of a stabbing.

I Was a Weird Black Emo Teen in a Misery-Obsessed White Subculture

The return of My Chemical Romance has led me to rethink my place in emo, and emo's place in black culture.

Immigrants Speak Out Against Iran, Risk Not Being Allowed Back Home

"There's only a limited amount of action we can take because if you speak out too much you can't travel to Iran again."

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