Warren Would Erase $640 Billion in Student Debt No Matter What Congress Said

The candidate's latest plan shows how she'd be willing to use executive power as president.

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11 hours ago
Ask a Rich Person: The Millionaire Mega-Donor

At least one member of the 1 percent admits it's wrong his money gives him political access.

2 days ago
How I Get By: A Month in the Life of a Walmart Employee

A Walmart cashier talks about managing work and multiple health problems while trying to get around without a car.

3 days ago
His Boss Lied to Him, Stole His Wages, and Threatened to Deport Him

Labor trafficking is a crime that exploits the country's most marginalized workers. Yet employers are rarely prosecuted for it.

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BlackRock Should Be Seized for Crimes Against the Earth

Even after its new pivot to sustainability, BlackRock will still be the world’s largest investor in fossil fuels.

A Robinhood Exploit Let Redditors Bet Infinite Money on the Stock Market

This ONE illegal trick let redditors blow their savings in minutes!

A 'Big Short' Investor's New Bet: Climate Change Will Bust the Housing Market

David Burt was one of the few who predicted the 2008 financial crisis. He's gambling that history is going to repeat itself soon.

This Woman Says Debt Saved Her From Being Homeless

Sarah Kriekle wants to destroy the notion that all debt is bad because it’s a “really privileged way of looking at things.”

Patients Try to Fight Medical Bills by Striking This Clause in Contracts

The New York Times reports the move is a legal gray area, but experts say it may hold up in court.

How to Get Rid of Debt You Racked Up During a Bad Mental Health Period

When you finally have the energy to go out and enjoy life, it can be devastating to read financial advice that urges you to cut every single corner until your balance is paid off.


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This Is How We'll Live When the Government Gives Us All a Basic Income

Capitalism’s single-minded emphasis on profit has warped our ideas about purpose and usefulness in work. Universal basic income could change that.

The Story of a Baltimore Panhandler Murdering a Woman Made National News. The Truth Didn't

Baltimore's most powerful institutions put a bizarre story to use for their purposes, shedding light on who counts in the city, and why.

How I Get By: Two Weeks in the Life of a Target Employee

The 23-year-old is trying to be responsible. During the last semester, he worked nights five days a week at Target. On his days off, he went to class.


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Why Algeria’s Election Probably Won’t Stop Months of Protests

Many Algerians say Thursday's election is just more of the same — and even after 10 months of protests, they're not done yet.

Art Forgery Is Easier Than Ever, and It's a Great Way to Launder Money

More and more rich people are buying art and stashing it in strange places. According to infamous scammers, it's not even close to legit.

Inside the Financial Relationship Between Pete Buttigieg and Charter School Backers

The money from pro-charter donors raises questions about the surging candidate's recently-released education plan.

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Our ongoing column about cheating, fraud, and scams within the American education system.

I'm a College Professor Who Faked Dissertation Data on the Side

It was a good gig for a while, to be quite honest.

I Work at a School That Passes Kids No Matter What

It took me a while to figure out I had taken a job at a diploma factory.

I Got Paid to Improve Rich Kids' Personalities on Their College Applications

I agreed to do something that seemed a little bit sketch but ultimately legal so I wouldn't have to take out loans. It turned out to be a very fine line.

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