The Most Unexpected 90s Revival Is... Tommy Lee's Penis

A new image of his famous dong was posted on the Mötley Crüe drummer's Instagram this week. According to his reps, it's a "filter."

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3 days ago
Listen to The Beatles Botch an Early, Unreleased Recording of 'Come Together'

The sneak preview is one of 23 outtakes and demos from an upcoming reissue of 'Abbey Road,' out September 27.

4 days ago
Bob Dylan Died 11 Years Ago, According to Siri

Ask how old the (extremely alive) singer-songwriter is, and Apple's virtual assistant will tell you he passed on April 24, 2008, at age 66.

5 days ago
This Photo of (Sandy) Alex G Is Not Beto O’Rourke Peeing Himself

A picture of the Philadelphia songwriter with a spilled beer on his jeans has caused major confusion in MAGA Twitter.


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Fishbowl Freestyle with Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett gives us his best bars based on random words from our fishbowl.

Self Portrait Logan Browning

Logan Browning of Netflix's "Dear White People" and now "The Perfection" opens up while drawing her self portrait at the VICE offices in Brooklyn, NY.

PnB Rock Responds to your Comments on ‘I Like Girls’

PnB Rock Responds to your Comments on his music video for ‘I Like Girls’.

The Noisey Guide to

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Chillwave Was the First Great Genre of the Internet Era

A guide to the best songs from the late-aughts movement of hazy pop artists like Toro y Moi, Washed Out, and more.

You Need to Listen to More Bossa Nova

After the death of João Gilberto, one of the Brazilian genre's founding fathers, we look back on how the style's mid-century success changed pop music forever.

The Guide to Getting Into Madonna, Holy Mother of Modern Pop

She's a true original with a decades-deep catalog, so ahead of the release of 'Madame X,' here's a streamlined guide to her restlessly creative and game-changing career.

Ja Rule Is Filming 'Over 40' New Music Videos, Still Won't Explain Fyre Fest

Ja is reportedly bankrolling the rerelease of all of his albums as visual albums. The only issue: no one asked for this.

No, Cardi B Isn't Beefing With Some Suburban Rapping Quadruplets

A rapping quartet of 10-year-olds isn't the most bizarre part of how Cardi B ended up having "beef" with tweens.

Prince's Autobiography 'The Beautiful Ones' Has a Heartbreaking Story Behind It

A new piece in The New Yorker by the memoir's co-writer Dan Piepenbring explains the extremely Prince-ish way he was hired.


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Twenty-Five Years Later, Korn Are Still 'in This for Life'

Ahead of their new album 'The Nothing,' the nü-metal pioneers reflect on their massively successful career—and why they don't want to be a nostalgia act.

M83's Anthony Gonzalez Wants People to Forget About 'Midnight City'

With Gonzalez's forthcoming release 'DSVII,' he seeks to cleanse himself of both the success of 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' and the failure of 'Junk,' and to figure out what's next for M83.

With 'TM104,' Jeezy Is Proving that Rappers Are Allowed to Mature

The rap veteran has successfully transitioned from snowman to business man, making moves including securing ownership of his masters. With retirement rumors swirling, what comes next is up to him.

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Listen to The Beatles Botch an Early, Unreleased Recording of 'Come Together'

The sneak preview is one of 23 outtakes and demos from an upcoming reissue of 'Abbey Road,' out September 27.

Sorry, 'Don't Call Me Angel.' Destiny's Child Made the Better 'Charlie's Angels' Anthem

The new Miley Cyrus, Lana del Rey, and Ariana Grande collaboration pales in comparison to the R&B trio's 2000 song.

Tim Ryan's Album Better Win a Grammy—a Grammy for 'Worst Album Ever' Ha Ha Ha

The struggling Democratic hopeful couldn't make it to the debate stage, so he pivoted to... whatever this is.


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Forever Warped: On the Beach, at the Tour That Refuses to Die

It was "a funeral where everyone could keep hanging out." For now.

Know When to Dance Like a Woman, and Look Like a Man

When Millennium Dance Complex opened in the 90s, the world of hip-hop had very specific visions of how men and women should look and perform. Two decades later, a lot has changed.

Pittsburgh's Rap Scene Is Wounded But Optimistic

Following the deaths of two of the city's most prominent exports, Mac Miller and Jimmy Wopo, rappers like Benji. and My Favorite Color are doing their best to pick up the pieces.

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This Mechatok Mix Is Like a 'Little Party Inside Your Brain'

The Berlin-based producer's daydreamy dance music could give you the lift you need to make it to the weekend.

Ellen Arkbro’s Noisey Mix Is Mystifying Music for Deep Listening

On the heels of a methodical new album called 'CHORDS,' the Swedish composer shares some of the patient music that inspires her work.

This Lil Texas Mix Is Full of Brutal Hardcore to... Have Sex to?

The Dallas-born producer thinks the freaks are ready to take over EDM.

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Doll Skin's Joyful Pop Punk Is the Future

The Arizona band's new album 'Love Is Dead and We Killed Her' gives mid-aughts alt-rock a fresh coat of Manic Panic.

Puerto Rican Hitmaker Jhay Cortez Doesn't Need American Hip-Hop’s Approval

The writer behind Cardi B's "I Like It" and other bangers is ready to top the charts under his own name.

Lucky Daye Is Turning His Traumatic Religious Upbringing into Hope

The most exciting new voice in the R&B revival grew up in a Christian church that forbade him from listening to music. With his debut album, 'Painted,' he's turning his pain into song.

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