Canarsie Tunnel


Riders on the L: Alan Minor

Alan Minor found that out of 472 subway stations citywide, 119 have an entrance that is shuttered off from the public, and he's hoping to change that before the L train shutdown makes things worse.


Riders on the L: Assemblyman N. Nick Perry

The local politician explains the challenges the L train shutdown poses for Canarsie.


How Do You Build a Subway Tunnel Under Water?

Skill and determination.


How NYC's Subway Showdown Could Affect Your Health

Could a subway shutdown actually make New Yorkers healthier? It's complicated.


New Yorkers Got Drunk and Tried to Solve the Subway Problem

"Tried" being the key word here.


NYC's Future Leaders Weigh in on How to Handle the L Train Shutdown

At a community forum the candidates running for open city council seats offered their thoughts on the coming clusterfuck.


We Asked Brooklyn Clubowners About the Terrifying L Train Shutdown

"As soon as it got out this was happening, a lot of people put the brakes on things. "


Riders on the L: Councilman Stephen Levin

The two-term councilman has had to deal with the impacts of hyper-development, rapid socioeconomic change, and now a shutdown that will take away the northern sector of his district’s lifeline for 15 months.


Can Buses Salvage the L Train Shutdown?

Two-hundred additional shuttle buses are scheduled to be deployed during the 2019 subway closure, but more alternatives are needed.


Could the L Train Shutdown Actually Be a Good Thing for Renters?

The 15-month subway closure might finally make north Brooklyn (somewhat) affordable.


We Asked the Guy Behind Is the L Train Fucked if the L Train Is Fucked

Jonathan Vingiano's simple website has told hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers over the last five years whether or not the L train is fucked. Now he offers his thoughts on how the MTA can do better in the future.