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Cardale Jones Graduates from Ohio State, Honors Famous "We Ain't Come Here to Play School" Tweet

Seems like he eventually did come around to play school. Congrats, Cardale.


Jaguars Draft Pick Dede Westbrook Was Allegedly Kicked Out of a Combine Interview, Called a "Degenerate" by Scout

The Jacksonville Jaguars picked up Westbrook today in the No. 110 overall pick in the fourth round today.​


Gareon Conley Took a Lie-Detector Test After Rape Accusations Surfaced

"It's off the charts, honestly," Conley said. "Just to know that they have faith in me."


Report: Tom Brady Using Upwards of $2.75m of Another Charity's Money to Fuel His Own

This constitutes the majority of Brady's charity funding by a large margin—an estimated 80 percent of raised from 2005 to 2015


Cowboys' Anthony Brown Gets Potato Chip Tattooed On His Shoulder In One Interpretation of the Expression

Anthony Brown's got mad promise—even if he doesn't really know wood from Ruffles.


Jacoby Brissett Ends Heartfelt Thank You Note to Obama By Offering to Help Him "With Your Broke Jump Shot"

Brissett wrote a heartfelt note to the former president on the occasion of the Patriots White House visit. Then dissed his jump shot.


Former Ravens TE Todd Heap Accidentally Hit, Killed His 3-Year-Old Daughter In Driveway With His Truck

"We cannot imagine the heartbreak and sorrow Todd and Ashley's family feels right now. This is knee-buckling news and overwhelmingly sad tragedy."


Marshawn Lynch Has Reportedly Agreed to Terms With Raiders

Let's just hope Lynch signs a two-year contract, so he never plays for the Las Vegas Raiders.


Numbskull Alabama Fan Finds Time to Say "Roll Tide" While Getting Arrested on TV

So you shout out Alabama before you shout out your mom—while getting arrested? I'm guessing she's not going to be saying just "hey" back.


Tony Romo Set to Be Benched by Yet Another Dallas Team: The Mavericks

There is no higher honor for a recently-benched football player than to suit up as a benched basketball player.


Marquette King Just Stuck It To This Football Toss Arcade Game With His Feet

Dude can direct a football just about anywhere he wants to using his limbs that have no opposable thumbs.


Texas A&M Receiver Used "A Bad Case of Jock Itch" As Excuse for Indecent Exposure Charges

Merritt allegedly pulled down his shorts and started holding himself. Doesn't sound much like jock itch to me.