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The Company That Made the Runaway Spy Blimp Wants a $1M Apology From Canada

Raytheon Canada is filing a complaint against Ottawa over being cut from a $250 million defense project.


How the Conservatives Lost Canada

Many of us hated outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper–and it said more about us than him.


If Journalists Want to Ask Canadian PM Stephen Harper Questions, They Have to Give His Party $59,000

If you're a reporter for a national Canadian outlet following the Conservative Party leader on the campaign trail, good luck trying to ask him a question.


Canadians Don’t Love Stephen Harper’s Baby Bursary, Poll Finds

Canada's Universal Childcare Benefit has turned more people against the Conservatives than it's recruited, it turns out.


Canadians Want a Prime Minister Who Will Get Rid of Their Senate

Spending scandals, criminal charges, and a crazy amount of undemocratic shenanigans have made the dream of abolishing the Senate possible.


Canada Moves to Ban Salvia, Everyone's Favorite Terrifying Psychedelic

The Conservative government reportedly plans to continue its buzzkilling ways by making salvia divinorum an illegal drug.