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Iowa's Strength Coach Makes Nearly $600,000 Per Year, Which Makes Total Sense

He gets paid more than any other strength coach in the country, and more than double his peers in the Big Ten.


Iowa Can Win, Unless They Keep Playing Not to Lose

Iowa likely won't repeat its undefeated 2015 regular season, but the Hawkeyes can still be a factor in the national college football picture if coach Kirk Ferentz embraces aggressive play-calling.


Million-Dollar Bonuses on the Line for Bowl-Bound College Coaches

Dabo Swinney, Kirk Ferentz, and Nick Saban are among the coaches looking to earn even more money with division titles, bowl appearances, and more this season.


Better Late Than Never: Kirk Ferentz Is Awake, Again

Against every expectation, the Iowa coach has turned things around before it was too late.


Fake Field Goals, Real Progress: The Evolution of Iowa's Kirk Ferentz

Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz is known for his conservative style and coach-for-life contract. But after a string of mediocre seasons, he appears to be embracing risk.


The Gender Discrimination Lawsuit That Could Change College Sports Forever

Members of Iowa's women's field hockey team have brought forth a Title IX suit that could send a shockwave through the NCAA.