• 11.11.13

      'Everybody Street' - An Exclusive Outtake from the New Documentary

      A new documentary, Everybody Street, details the wide spectrum of street photographers, the overarching mores of the genre, and the personal lives of the individual photographers. We snagged this exclusive outtake from the film, featuring Boogie.

    • 7.10.13

      We Talked to Giles Clarke About His Photos from Haiti

      Giles Clarke is one of our favorite photographers. A few months back, he brought us some amazing imagery from the still-devastated island of Haiti, and for the next two weeks you'll be able to see that work in a gallery in Manhattan. We called him to...

    • 7.10.13

      Paul Salveson Loves Photography, Toothbrushes, and Wheat (In That Order)

      Paul Salveson likes stuff, that we're sure of. Past that, his work confounds us in the best way possible. Is that a cinderblock made out of bread? I honestly don't know, but I love it. His new book, Between the Shell, which just won MACK’s First...

    • 7.8.13

      Vito Fun's Spring 2013 Photo Dump

      Now that summer is in full swing, it's easy to forget what it was like to not to have massive pit stains that envelope your whole shirt after 30 seconds outside in the sun. Luckily, our resident good-times street photographer Vito Fun managed to...

    • 6.20.13

      Kai Wiedenhöfer Hates Walls, but He Photographs Them Anyway

      Beginning with the Berlin Wall, which he witnessed fall in 1989, German photographer Kai Wiedenhofer has photographed many of the world's most divisive barriers in the hopes to create a dialogue about the use of walls as political tools and their role...

    • 6.6.13

      The Snotty Noses and Bare Asses of India

      When most Western photographs shoot in "exotic" places (read: anywhere that's not North America or Europe), the pictures look like they came out of the same, tired issue of 'National Geographic.' Nick Sethi's work, however, feels more natural, because...

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