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Minnesota, Baylor Bowl Wins Are Not "Redemption" Stories

Narratives are bad enough on their own, but they are even worse when used to gloss over the horrible conduct of schools like these two.


All the Ways the Minnesota Football Team's Boycott Statement Is Incorrect

Minnesota's statement and threatened boycott are bad ideas based on faulty premises.


Minnesota Suspends Ten Football Players Before Bowl Game

The suspensions are related to a sexual assault incident from the beginning of the season, and were announced just over two weeks before the Goldon Gophers play the Holiday Bowl.


Benches Clear As Penn State Bruiser-Kicker Joey Julius Suffers a Cheap Shot

It's time to feel bad for the kicker all over again.


Flip Saunders Was at Home in Minnesota

Minnesota Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders died Sunday. He was 60 years old.