pitch invader


Security Hilariously Avoid Tackling Ben Mendy When they Realize He's Not Pitch Invader

After Manchester City took Liverpool 2-1 in one of the most exciting matches of the season, Ben Mendy took to the field to celebrate with his teammates and stewards didn't realize he was a player until it was almost too late.


Wonderpup Invades Pitch During Copa Libertadores, Receives Good Pats

Take note, BBC commentator father: this is how you pay respect to the noble pitch invader.


Brazilian Phenom and Man City Signing Tackled from Behind by Pitch Invader During Charity Game

He received treatment on the pitch, but luckily sustained no serious injury.


Man Runs Out Onto Field Wearing Gorilla Suit and an "All Lives Matter" Shirt During Bears vs. Lions

I've seen too much racism at soccer matches to let this one slip as innocuous.