Why New Research Says It’s OK to Stay Single (and Die Alone)

Sociologist Elyakim Kislev argues that we should embrace being single.
Tiffy Thompson
New music

Gunna's Still Dripping On His New Song "One Call"

"One Call" is the first single from Gunna's forthcoming 'Drip or Drown 2.'
Kristin Corry

The Single Person Answer to Thanksgiving May Be Bangsgiving

What started as the premise of a holiday episode of 'New Girl' may just be the latest trend. We spoke to series creator Liz Meriwether and writer David Feeney about the episode and how throw your own Bangsgiving.
Alex Zaragoza
New music

"thank u, next" Is a Much-Needed Love Letter to Choosing to Be Alone

Ariana Grande's candid, personal new track feels like a sincere appreciation of the value of being single.
Lauren O'Neill

No One Should Get Plus-Ones to Weddings

If you suspect that someone would bail on your wedding if they couldn’t bring a buffer human, this person doesn’t like you enough to be at your wedding.
Maria Yagoda

9 Best Movies on Netflix to Get Over a Breakup

Unlike your last relationship, Netflix would never hurt you. Wipe those tears and mend your broken heart with these 9 best movies to watch on Netflix.
Leila Ettachfini
date night

How to Have a Hot Dinner Date with Yourself

Why go through the experience of an awkward first date, worrying about whether or not your suitor might be a serial killer when you can date yourself? Who says you can't have a romantic meal all alone?
Alison Stevenson
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Throw Every Other Band in the Trash, Sorry Are Bringing Romance Back

Weed reek, damp steets, sat in stoned silence: this four piece are doing everything A&Rs have been searching for and rightfully failing to find.
Daisy Jones

People in Relationships Tell Us Their Fantasies of Single Life

From sex with an ex to spending all day playing Playstation, even the most committed partner lets the mind wander.
Nilu Zia
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[Premiere] Slippy Humans Vomit Neon in Ricky Eat Acid's New Music Video

Digital artist Crash Override went to work on the visuals for Ricky Eat Acid's new single, "Nice To See You."
Nathaniel Ainley
music video

[Premiere] Glowing LED Lights Dance to Birdsong in This Dreamlike Music Video

Hidden Orchestra recorded the sounds of nature at dawn to form the foundation of each track on his new album.
Kevin Holmes
Holy Shit

Holy Goddamn Everything, Watch Kendrick Lamar's New Video for "Humble"

We're definitely in for something special April 7.
Noisey Staff