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the butcher of bilbao

How The ‘Butcher of Bilbao’ Almost Ended Diego Maradona’s Career

On 24 September 1983, the man fans called ‘Goiko’ committed one of the most infamous fouls in the history of the game. It would lead to poisonous bad blood between him and Maradona.
Will Magee
gak of the net!

Peruvian Police Reportedly Seize Over a Metric Ton of Lionel Messi-Branded Cocaine

The world is about to wave goodbye to over a tonne of gak worth around £73m, the marketing of which would have been lost on unappreciative nostrils anyway.
Will Magee
politics and the copa del rey

Royalist, Republican, Socialist, Fascist: The Chequered History of the Copa del Rey

Since its inception in 1903, the Copa del Rey has been treated like a political football. Over the decades, it has been appropriated by everyone and anyone who has ruled over Spain.
Will Magee
beware those pesky italians

Meticulous Machinations and Spanish Unease: Previewing Italy vs. Spain

Though Spain boast an excellent record against Italy in recent years, they still feel a profound unease when it comes to facing the canny Azzuri. Here, Jonathan Wilson previews their Round of 16 clash.
Jonathan Wilson
david de gea

Porn Producer In David De Gea Case: “There Are Many More Players, But Police Don't Want to Know Names”

Ignacio Allende Fernández, otherwise known as Torbe, has reportedly made fresh allegations in a letter to a prominent porn actress.
UK Sports Staff
El Cholo

'Cholismo': How Diego Simeone Helped Transform Atlético’s Fans Into Winners

When he arrived, Atlético were four points above the relegation zone; now they're one of the most feared sides in Europe. Diego Simeone has made a hopeless club believe again.
Rubén Uría
La Liga

La Liga Clubs to Be Fined For Allowing Empty Seats on TV Coverage

From next season onwards, the Spanish league will fine clubs for failing to fill seats covered by certain camera angles.
UK Sports Staff

Zinedine Zidane and the Perils of Going Back

Zinedine Zidane and Stuart Pearce don't have a huge amount in common beyond a shared penchant for mildly psychopathic on-field violence. But the Frenchman would do well to look to Pearce as an example of the dangers of listening to your heart.
Alex Hess
VICE vs Video games

How 'Pro Evo' Has Become the La Liga of Soccer Games

Konami's series is akin to the Spanish League compared to FIFA's very English style of play.
John Robertson

Spanish Soccer Is Being Canceled, Here's Why

Spain's governing body is planning to cancel competition before the end of the season. Why this has happened is a confusing mess. Here's all you need to know.
Brian Blickenstaff