sports welfare

sports welfare

Miami's Publicly-Funded Ballpark Won't Make Marlins Owner Jeff Loria Richer

The math behind the baseball team's pending sale shows that while stadium subsidies soak taxpayers, they don't seem to make MLB franchises much more valuable.
Neil deMause
sports welfare

New Senate Bill to End Federal Stadium Subsidies Won’t End Stadium Welfare

U.S. Senators Corey Booker and James Lankford want to close a federal tax loophole for the bonds used to finance stadium construction.
Patrick Hruby
sports welfare

A Long-Lost Tax Plan Scares Sports Teams and Could Save America Billions

How a proposed federal law from 1995 could end America's hopeless addiction to spending billions of taxpayer dollars on sports stadiums.
Patrick Hruby

How President Trump Could Free the NCAA to Pour More Money into Politics

If Trump fulfills his pledge to eliminate a federal law prohibiting charitable organizations from participating in political campaigns, the nonprofit NCAA will be free to shower sympathetic candidates with cash.
Steve Silver

Hartford Has a Shot at Rejoining the NHL, But Would It Be Worth the Price?

When the Whalers moved to North Carolina in 1997, Hartford's self-esteem took a hit. Two decades later, the city is attempting to lure the New York Islanders, but renovating the XL Center to make that possible could cost more than $250 million.
Alex Putterman

New Congressional Bill Would Strip Sports Leagues of Nonprofit Tax Status

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a former BYU kicker, has introduced a bill that would revoke the 501(6)(c) tax-exempt status of "major professional sports leagues."
Steve Silver
Donald Trump

​Trump's Infrastructure Plan Could Be a Giant Sports Welfare Giveaway

Donald Trump's proposed tax breaks for private construction investors and contractors could mean additional multimillion-dollar public subsidies for sports stadiums.
Neil deMause
suntrust park

Cobb County And The Braves: Worst Sports Stadium Deal Ever?

The Atlanta Braves' new ballpark was approved in utterly undemocratic fashion and may end up costing taxpayers more than $400 million. Where does it rank in the annals of lousy stadium deals?
Neil deMause

Atlanta's New Football Stadium Promises Urban Renewal, But Locals Have Heard That Before

When Atlanta's Georgia Dome was built in 1991, it failed to revitalize disadvantaged nearby neighborhoods. Will the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz Stadium produce better results?
Stephen Knox
nfl to los angeles

Which NFL Teams Will Move To LA? A Bettor's Guide

The St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders all want to move to Los Angeles, and NFL owners will vote on the matter next week. We break down the likeliest outcomes.
Neil deMause
Los Angeles

St. Louis Stiff-Arms Local Voters to Keep Wooing the Rams

St. Louis is closer to giving the Rams $400 million for a new stadium after invalidating a law that gave its citizens final say. Will the team move to Los Angeles anyway?
Neil deMause

Milwaukee Is Keeping the Bucks, But Would It Have Been Better Off Without Them?

Scott Walker and others argue that Wisconsin taxpayers ultimately will make money by forking over millions for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena. But—surprise!—the numbers don't add up.
Neil deMause