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Arkansas Law Will Allow Guns on College Campuses, Including Stadiums and Arenas

Arkansas tackled the classic conundrum of how to make it easier to maim and kill one another at sporting events.


Giants and Pats Fans Brawl After Preseason Game

This crazy brawl happened at a preseason game. The final preseason game of the year, at that.


We Sat With An Iranian Protestor As She Fought to Display Her Banner at the Olympics

On Saturday, Darya Safai was hassled about her banner calling for equal rights for Iranian women at sports stadiums. On Monday, she and security officials reached a compromise.


It Could Happen Here: Super Bowl 50 As Terror Target

In the wake of last year's ISIS suicide bombing outside the Stade de France in Paris, a Super Bowl terror attack is no longer unthinkable. How will officials secure the game?


Yankee Stadium's Next-Gen Security Tech Isn't Making Anyone Safer

The New York Yankees are the latest MLB team to use fingerprint scanners to allow fans to skip ballpark metal detectors. Are all of these supposed safety measures worthless "security theater"?