talkin' 'bout the boards

    • 3.9.13

      Um... Mental Smoking?

      Why do you say such dumb stuff on our website? WHY? The only way I can deal with it is by drawing funny little pictures based on them. Here you go, this is my 38th Talkin' 'Bout The Boards column.

    • 2.17.13

      My Best Valentine's Day Was at a Strip Club

      Dear Vicers, each week I scour the comments sections looking for the dumbest of the dumb, and then I commemorate them with little cartoons that I draw.

    • 2.11.13

      You Look Like Sid Vicious's Autistic Baby

      Dear VICE lovers, you just looooooove to leave comments on the things we put on the internet. I just loooooove to draw cartoons based on your comments. This is my column, "Talkin' 'Bout the Boards," and it is your chance to be "famous."

    • 2.2.13

      This Is What Classifies as Gonzo These Days!?

      Dear VICERS: It's me Nick Gazin, and I'M back to let YOU know that I can really shake it down. Do you love me? As I sometimes like doing, I drew little cartoons about the three dumbest comments left on VICE this week.

    • 1.11.13

      Satan's Favorite Column

      Dear VICE readers, happy Friday! Each week I peruse your comments and find the stupidest. Then I humiliate you by drawing pictures of them. How do you like that? Honestly, let me know. I have no idea.

    • 1.4.13

      Animals Have No Concept of Money

      There comes a time in every person's life when they are driven by some invisible force to clumsily type their opinions onto a website that they do not own nor have any real reason to feel a sense of ownership over. This website is not immune to those...

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    • 10.12.12

      Jerking Off with Shallow Losers

      Dear VICE lurker, you read our site and leave comments that are almost always cruel and not the kind of thing you would say to someone's face. I respond with drawings I would say to your face if you could "say a drawing."

    • 10.1.12

      Andy Warhol Is an Extremely Overrated Person

      Dear VICE readers, you come to our website and tell us what idiots we are. Now it is our turn to respond. Each week I go through the comments section and troll the trolls.

    • 8.2.12

      Talkin' 'Bout the Boards - I Came Here Due to Weird White Guilt but I Stayed for the Hilarity

      Hey everybody, I sometimes do this column for VICE called Talkin' 'Bout the Boards where I draw cartoons based on the comments people leave on the VICE site. Sometimes I don't do this column. That is because of my constant battle with depression and...