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7-Year-Old Cowboys Fan Writes Scathing Letter to Jerry Jones: "WE SUCK"

The latest L delivered to Dallas owner Jerry Jones comes in handwritten-note form from someone who hasn't even made it out of the second grade.
Liam Daniel Pierce
tennessee titans

Lawsuit: Titans WR Beat Me Up Because Tennessee Drafted Another WR

A man suggested Tajae Sharpe was going to lose playing time to the Titans new draft pick, so Sharpe allegedly knocked him unconscious.
Sean Newell

Did Todd Gurley Get Worse, or Is It Just the Rams? The NFL Underground Mailbag

It's mighty tough to know whether a very good running back is having bad results because he's bad or because his team is shit.
Christopher Harris
frank wycheck

Former Titans Tight End Frank Wycheck Believes he has CTE, Worries he Could "Snap"

Wycheck is concerned he could "snap" one day like many other former players who experienced his symptoms.
Joseph Flynn

The Tennessee Titans Are the AFC's Dark Horse—and America's Darling

These ugly ducklings have been stunting on all the AFC's prettiest swans.
Ty Schalter

​Bears Drop Balls at Record Pace, Including One of the Worst You'll Ever See

Josh Bellamy had one of the all-time worst drops in NFL history: in the end zone, for a chance to cap of a comeback win for the Bears.
Dave Brown

Marcus Mariota Hasn't Made the Leap Just Yet

After torching the Packers, Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota fell back to Earth a bit in Indianapolis in Week 11. Let's look at just how much he has improved in Year 2.
Rivers McCown

​The Titans' Demolition of the Packers Means the Future is Now

No matter what happens with the Packers, it's clear that Mariota's time has finally arrived.
Ty Schalter

Titans' Masterplan to Start Game With an Onside Kick Plan Didn't Go Well

Maybe it was just an act of psychological warfare that created a ripple effect that will help them win the game.
Liam Daniel Pierce
melvin gordon

How Melvin Gordon Ran Right Over the Titans Defense

Melvin Gordon, with a huge assist from his offensive line, went to town on the Titans defense.
Rivers McCown

Once Again, Somebody Has To Win the AFC South

The AFC South is still terrible, but one of its teams still will end up in the NFL Playoffs. Who has the inside track?
Rivers McCown
thursday night football

The NFL's Ego is Out of Control: It's Titans-Jaguars on Thursday Night

Thursday Night Football is harming the NFL's product, and this is the worst of the worst.
Rivers McCown