The Guide To Not Normal

    • 1.22.13

      We Went To The Pinball Hall Of Fame Las Vegas

      To preserve the experience of pinball, Tim Arnold, a former arcade owner from Michigan, founded the Pinball Hall of Fame. It’s a museum open to the public that houses one of the world’s largest pinball collections, all of which are available to play.

    • 1.17.13

      The Hidden Secrets of the American Daffodil Society

      A group called the American Daffodil Society exists. In real life.

    • 1.15.13

      Riding Thermals In A Sailplane

      For those with moral objections to the environmental impact of commercial airplanes, a niche community of tinkerers might have found a way to fly that’s the closest thing to riding a bike… in the air.

    • 12.21.12

      A Year In Not Normal: 2012

      This year saw more than its fair share of Not Normal things go down. Here’s our list to the ten most Not Normal happenings to happen in 2012.

    • 12.20.12

      Keyboard Cat Rescue

      Meet the world's first famous cat. Meet your maker Lil Bub.

    • 12.13.12

      Talking With A DIY Biohacker

      We talked to DIY biohackers about transforming CD drives and inkjet printers into machines that can “print” 3D living organisms that glow in the dark, and how some day hope they might be able to print out a liver or kidney. Which would be pretty...

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    • 11.20.12

      We Went To A Parkour Training Academy

      In Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, we found one of a few indoor arenas called “The Tempest Freerunning Academy,” and spoke to Paul Darnell, one of it’s three owners.

    • 11.18.12


      What seems as a sadomasochistic esoteric ritual is actually a holiday party on Ameland, a small island of the Netherlands.

    • 12.22.11

      The Man Who Built a Labyrinth

      I'm standing at the top of a wooded hill on the outskirts of Argelaguer, in Northern Catalonia. More precisely, I'm on the 70th step of a tower about 115 feet tall built out of fallen branches and chicken wire.