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Julia Marino is at the Center of the Rise of Women's Snowboarding

Marino once split her time between soccer and snowboarding, but once she started doing bigger tricks she switched full time and hasn't looked back since.
Mary T. Walsh

Female Skateboarders Still Striving For Even Footing With Male Peers

The number of female skateboarders has grown in recent years. But pro female skaters still see inequalities in pay and sponsorship opportunities in comparison to their male counterparts.
Trina Calderón
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How the Winter X Games Course is Made

We spoke with Chris Gunnarson, the President at Snow Park Technologies, whose work includes crafting the course for the Winter X Games.
Nathan Copelin
Shaun White

This Shaun White Lawsuit Sounds In-Fucking-Sane

Shaun White is being sued by his former bandmate for sexual harassment.
Sean Newell
Mat Hoffman

Mat Hoffman Rejects Anesthesia Before Getting a Hole Drilled in His Knee

Mat Hoffman is considered to be one of the best vertical ramp riders in the history of BMX and the creator of big air. Throughout his 36 year career as a BMX rider, he’s faced serious injuries and near death experiences.
VICE Sports
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Remembering Dave Mirra

The BMX icon’s apparent suicide, at the age of 41, has shocked the action sports community and “leaves a huge hole in the heart of BMX.”
Aaron Nardi

BMX Pioneer Dave Mirra Has Died

Police in Greenville, North Carolina, announced news of the 41-year-old BMX rider's death Thursday.
VICE Staff
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The Long Fight for Women’s Parity in Action Sports

From surfing to cycling to skateboarding, women make less money and have fewer opportunities than men. Athletes and organizations are working for change, but barriers remain.
Mary Catherine O'Connor

Black Dave Interviews Eric Koston About Classic Videos and Modern Skate Culture

"I've kind of just always been motivated to skate."
Black Dave
X Games

Q&A with Pierre-Luc Gagnon: Canada’s Unsung Skateboarding Hero

Pierre-Luc Gagnon overcame a serious hip injury to win his ninth gold medal at the X Games. But the skateboarder is upset about the lack of support he's received in Canada.
Simon Coutu

Off-road motorcycle racing’s first mom athlete returns to X Games

The winningest female in off-road motorcycle racing retired in 2013 to have a family, thinking she’d never return to professional competition. She’s back, and the second phase of her career begins Friday night at the X Games.
Jessica Luther

Flat-Track Racing's Debut at the X Games is Downright Familial

The mixed field of 22 men and two women features a wife racing against her husband and a sister against her brother and her boyfriend. If nothing else, it’s another reason to watch.
Jessica Luther