Photos of Pensioners Having a Loliday in Benidorm


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Photos of Pensioners Having a Loliday in Benidorm

This article originally appeared on VICE Netherlands

Just like a whole bunch of Souther European coastal towns, Benidorm every summerfills with tourists thirsty for sun, sand and alcohol. The main difference between the Spanish resort and places like Magaluf or Ayia Napa being the age of those tourists. Instead of your regular drunken 18-year-old meatheads, Benidorm's promenade is covered in leather-skinned elderly tourists with a penchant for linen outfits and drinks of sherry.


Belgian photographer Tine Schoemaker travelled to Benidorm just before the beginning of this year's high season to take a look at how her elderly compatriots spend their holidays. Here are some of the snaps she came back with.