Romania's Roadside Barbecues


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Romania's Roadside Barbecues

In Romania, stacking up the car with Tupperware is a way to boast about your social status.

This article originally appeared on VICE Romania

Roadside barbecues are a popular activity amongst Romanians – especially on warm, sunny days. Barbecue season officially starts on May 1st and ends, well, when the summer ends.

But stacking up the car with coolboxes and Tupperware and eating meatballs while listening to Romanian folk-pop on the side of the road isn't just about taking a break from your daily routine; It's also a way to boast about your social status. In post-communist Romania, grilling in the middle of nowhere means you can afford the gas, prime meat and time to do it.


Here are some photos of those affluent Romanians taken from abridge over the Argeș River on the 1st of May.