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Some Greeks Are Going On Holiday Despite the Referendum

We went to the port of Piraeus in Athens and asked people how come they're taking a vacation in the middle of it all.

This article originally appeared on VICE Greece

Since news of the referendum broke early Saturday morning and with a 60 euros per day cap currently placed on cash withdrawals, many Greeks have decided to postpone or cancel their vacations. Others though, are packing their suitcases and heading to the islands. We went to the port of Piraeus in Athens and asked some young people what they think about the situation in their country, and why they've decided to take a vacation in the middle of it all.


Anastasia, 19. Student. Heading to Chania, Crete.

Me and my girlfriends are off to Chania, in Crete. My parents gave me the money. I'd booked it long before the referendum. We'll stay five days and no, I won't vote. I couldn't change my ticket because I'd already paid for it.

I'm not really in a holiday mood. With all that's going on, my mood has really taken a dive but I'm trying to keep my spirits up. If I was going to vote, I would vote 'No', because for once it seems like we have the opportunity to change things. All the scaremongering doesn't worry me. I'm against a 'Yes' vote because the demands are inhumane.

Christos, 27, Clerk. Sofia, 25, Student. Travelling to Aegina and Agistri.

Christos: We're going to Aegina and Agistri for three days. Generally speaking, we're in a good mood. We'd planned this trip before the referendum was called but we didn't booked a place to stay, so we'll have to try and find a room as soon as we arrive to the islands. I had my suspicions about the banks closing, so I'd set aside a small amount of money.

We'll be back to vote on Sunday. I'll be voting 'Yes'. It's better to have foreigners governing us than having the Greeks. I'm so disappointed by Greece. I don't believe that any Greek prime minister can impose the correct policies. With a 'No', we'll end up going into a long stagnation period. You can't owe money to someone and set the terms yourself. That's my view, at least. I know it might be a little contentious, but still.


Sofia: I agree with Christos. I'm undecided on how to vote, though. On the one hand, I think that if we leave the euro, things will get much worse and bankruptcy is a certainty. But 'No' also means "we've had enough". Then again, with 'Yes', you know what to expect.

Apostolis (left) 18. Going to the island of Paros.

Apostolis: We're going to a friend's house in Paros for seven days. We're trying to keep the budget as tight as possible. The mood has really soured. We actually considered not going. I've taken 150 euros for 7 days. If I hadn't already booked this holiday then I would have liked to stay and vote. Plenty of people have told me that I'm not mature enough and don't know enough to vote. But I want what's best for my country. All I know is that 'Yes' is not the best for my country. But nobody has a clue what 'No' might bring. Still, I'd probably vote 'No'.

Nefeli, 27. Student. Heading to the island of Ikaria.

I'm actually from Ikaria so I'm going there to vote. I had a feeling that all this would happen and took money out of the bank earlier, which is how I'm able to travel. The situation is difficult. I'll probably vote 'Yes'. Neither are particularly good choices but 'No' would be much worse than 'Yes'.

Emmanuela, 25. Student. Travelling to Heraklion, Crete.

I just finished my studies and I am going back to Heraklion, where I'm from. The situation is really bad. I have no idea what's happening – what's right and what's wrong.

Until yesterday I would have voted 'No'. Today, I don't know. I don't have a sure answer. It'd be easier to vote 'Yes' or 'No' on something that I actually was informed about. I can't vote 'Yes' because of the new austerity measures. And we are already seeing how bad things can get with a 'No' vote. I'm young. I want to go abroad and do an MA. I have money in the bank that I can't take out and I'll need it if I decide to leac. I don't know what to decide. I'd prefer to just not vote anything.

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