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What Happens When Refugees Arrive in Your Tiny Village

The villagers of Idomeni were helping refugees long before the NGOs arrived.


10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Football Hooligan

"When I saw some friends collecting rubbish bins to set on fire, I knew it was going to be a long day."


Photos from Greece's Coldest Night in 40 Years

Last weekend, the apparent temperature in Thessaloniki fell to 5 degrees.


Athens Welcomed Obama with Molotov Bombs and Tear Gas

On Tuesday morning, Barack Obama arrived in Athens for his final foreign trip as president of the United States.


Oh Man, You've Got to Check Out this Dead Priest Parade

Weekend at Bernie's x Orthodox Christianity.


We Went to the Opening of Lindsay Lohan's New Pro-Refugee Nightclub in Greece

With nightclub LOHAN, Lindsay Lohan wants to thank Greece for welcoming so many refugees.


America In the Balkans

To someone living in the Balkans, America feels like a protest chant that has been sang so much, it's lost its meaning.


We Accompanied Refugee Children on Their First Day of School

This year, the bell also rung for the children of refugees living at the occupied City Plaza hotel in Athens.


Photos of Spartan Villagers Celebrating that Historic Battle from '300'

There was duelling, wrestling, traditional war dances and when it ended they all dined in hell together.


Photos of the Raging Hormones at this Huge Annual Justin Bieber Party

Most teens in attendance have been going to this thing for more than a third of their lives.


We Spent 24 Hours with Greece's Most Famous Pornstar Couple

"We haven't made a private sex tape since we got into pornography. These days, if we film it, we sell it."


Live Pythons and Inflatable Ducks: Photos of Ordinary Macedonians on Holiday

It's a far cry from the turquoise waters of neighbouring Greece, but who cares about murky water when it's hot?