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Skademinimering är inte samma sak som legalisering

Skademinimering är i allas intresse oavsett livsfilosofi eller politiska åsikter.


The Friend Zone Isn’t a Thing and Women Don’t Owe You Shit

A public service announcement.


Why Every Generation Freaks Out About a New Drug

The cycle of outrage people have over whatever drug is fashionable hasn't gotten us any closer to figuring out why people abuse narcotics.


What It's Like to Work in a Swedish Thai Massage Parlour

There are over 300 Thai massage parlours in Stockholm and the police suspect​ around 40 of these offer "happy endings". Although that's a lot, it's not the majority.


All Drug Users Aren't Junkies

Swedish media lack a general understanding of the different shades of drugs and their users.


YouTube 'Social Experiments' Are the Worst Kind of Smug White Racism

A man in Liverpool has been convicted of racially abusing a woman in a video he says was "raising awareness" of racism.


I Tell My Kid Santa Is a Lie and You Should Too

I have never believed in Santa, because my parents never told me he was real. It's a fine way to go through life.


Why as a Black Muslim Woman I Feel I Can’t Be a Feminist

The movement has consistently alienated women like me.


Why Does Will Smith Keep Making Sad Movies?

Collateral Beauty is the latest in a string of depressing films starring the Hollywood megastar.


America Is Not Prepared for President @RealDonaldTrump

Donald Trump's Twitter account has an enormous amount of power, and an unlimited capacity to troll the country.


'SKAM' Makes me Wonder if I Messed up my Teenage Years

What the hell is that deep, nostalgic feeling I get every time I watch the show?


There's a Good Reason for All the Nudity on 'Westworld'

Unlike 'Game of Thrones,' the popular show’s nudity serves not so much to desensitize nudity, but to desexualize it.