This Best-Selling, Bendy Vibrating Sex Toy Is 25% Off

To celebrate Pride Month, sex toy company Frenchie is offering a sale on it’s (thrice) sold-out vibrator, and throwing in a few extra (wet) surprises.

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Whether you’re new to the world of vibrators or have loads of experience with every sex toy under the sun, all of us humble, horny plebes can agree: The only thing better than a new vibrator is a new multi-tasking vibrator. That’s where the Australian sexual wellness company Frenchie rides in on its white steed crocodile to make our day, because not only is the brand creating an inclusive platform for folks around the world to cum and browse blog posts about everything from edometriosis and sex to tips for better clitoral stimulation, but it’s making the kinds of luxurious sex toys and intimate products we’d love to display on our mantle. And right now, in honor of upcoming Pride Month celebrations, the brand is offering a 25% off deal with the code PRIDEVICE on its lip-smacking, lube-squirtin’ sexual wellness bundle, L’Ultimate Lovers Kit:

L'Ultimate Lovers Kit

$130.00$100 at Frenchie

Let’s break down all this goodness, shall we? L’Ultimate Lovers Kit is French for “everything you need to blast your G-spot into space with pleasure.” (We assume.) The package includes the brand’s cult-fave vibrator, the Double Entendre, which has already sold out three times on the site and garnered a 4.8-star average rating. As an objet, the Double Entendre comes with the kind of elegant silhouette and colorway we’d be proud to display on our mantle; as a sex toy, it’s the multi-tasking machine of our dreams. “It’s flexible so I could bend and mold it until I got a snug fit against my body,” writes one reviewer, “[and] creating the right curve for myself also meant dual stimulation (enjoying internal and external pleasure at the same time) [which] was easy and felt verrrry good!” 

The Double Entendre Vibrator

$75 at Frenchie

We’ve seen quite a few sex toys in our day—from Vajankles to a vibrator that uses AI to chart your orgasms—but the Double Entendre is in a league of its own, because it combines all the deep, penetrative G-spot-pleasing elements of a bulbous dildo with the kind of clitoral stimulation you’d get from a whale-tale vibrator, and it has the power of two motors. In layman's terms, it does it all. And right now, Frenchie has bundled it up with a veritable smorgasbord of other sexual wellness essentials in the L’Ultimate kit, including a water-based lubricant, hypoallergenic wipes, condoms—or as Frenchie calls them, penis berets, as well as a mask and a set of kinky dice for partner play. (Also, have you ever used an eye mask to just sleep? It’s actually amazing.) 

Normally, such sexy time goodies would cost you hundreds of dollars, but Frenchie is offering the L’Ultimate Lovers Kit at a special price of $100 with free express shipping for a limited time. That’s 25% off the usual price of the package with the code PRIDEVICE, and all the reason to ride away into the sunset with the Double Entendre in one hand, and a baguette in the other. 

Learn more about the L’Ultimate Lovers Kit at Frenchie.

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