Forbidden Pickle Ricks Keep Showing Up in ‘Multiversus’ Lobbies

Rick hasn’t been released yet, and these odd appearances represent our first glimpse at what he could be like in-game.

I do not want to play with Pickle Rick in Multiversus, the recently released platform fighter from Warner Bros. Games and featuring characters from the company’s obscenely large IP vault.  I cannot play with Pickle Rick (he hasn’t been released yet). I fear Pickle Rick, and the omens he carries with him. Yet there he is, at the top of the Multiversus Reddit, in all of his irritating, overdone glory. Some hackers have foisted Rick upon the players of Multiversus early, and he seems to play like a real motherfucker.


Despite having been announced alongside the recently released Lebron James, Rick Sachez’s moveset and release windows have been a mystery. People knew he would make ample use of a portal gun, and that he’d likely be a projectile-heavy zoner, but details have been scant. That is, until hackers have edited the game’s files to gain access to an early version of the character, even going so far as to hover over him in character select screens in order to let their duos partner know that they have early access to the character. Some hackers have targeted popular streamers, forcibly joining their party to show off Rick, only to disappear seconds later. At the very least, this is an on-brand form of harassment from one of television’s most inescapable assholes.

 In addition to his surprise appearances in character select screens, videos have begun appearing online showcasing his moveset. Rick seems to be built around leaving portals around the map, which he fires projectiles through for extra range and coverage, allowing him to keep control over a lot of space. In addition to more traditional projectiles like lasers, Rick also has an ability that temporarily polymorphs enemies into a smaller version of the game’s mascot, Reindog, and the ability to send out a Mr. Meseeks to attack the opponent at range. As someone who plays a fast, extremely low range character, he will be a nightmare to play against.

While his release date is still unknown, Rick’s coming presence looms large over Multiversus, and I dread the day that he is finally, officially visited upon us.

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