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Holy Shit

DJ Dodger Stadium and Charlie Wilson's New Version of "You Don't Have to Be Alone" Is so Damn Good

A sample clearance request turned into an incredible collaboration.

Photo via Body High on Twitter

LA dance duo DJ Dodger Stadium have a really wonderful song called "You Don't Have To Be Alone" that will remind you that there is still some hope and good in the world. It samples legendary singer Charlie Wilson (you've heard him, as you've heard DJDS, on more than a few Kanye songs, for one thing). And even better: Charlie Wilson is a big fan. As DJDS explained in a note on Soundcloud, they reached out the singer last fall to clear the sample, got an enthusiastic response, and ended up in the studio with him:

When making our song "You Don't Have To Be Alone" we sampled the voice of Charlie Wilson from a record he did in 2005. What by every law of music industry bureaucracy should have ended up as a sample clearing nightmare, somehow then turned into a dream collaboration for us. We owe that to the man himself who heard the song and thought we could expand on it together. We got together in the studio in Los Angeles, wrote and recorded new vocals, and created a new version of the song. You can hear it now. Thank you Charlie.

The result, which is the version they've been performing live, is fuller and more soulful, taking more of a traditional house music approach. It isn't just a dance song; it's a song that—there's really no other word for it—will make you rejoice. It will make you embrace the spirit of love. Things are gonna be OK.

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