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Kanye West Had a Nice Time on 'Celebrity Family Feud'

The Team West vs. Team Kardashian episode aired last night, but was filmed back in February, before the latest West-driven news cycle started whirring.

Back in February—before YE and KIDS SEE GHOSTS and DAYTONA, before Wyoming and the TMZ studios and "the sunken place," before the admiring glances towards right-wing pseudo-intellectuals and the latest round of tweetstorms—Kanye West and his famous in-laws filmed an episode of Celebrity Family Feud. It finally aired last night, two days after West's 41st birthday, and it makes for an uncannily quotidian viewing experience.


It's all so remarkably unremarkable that it hardly needs commentary. Harvey asks Kanye how he is, and Kanye says he's been good. He and his wife Kim Kardashian are big fans of the show, he says, and he's brought three of his cousins along to compete. He's just happy to be there, cracking a few jokes with host Steve Harvey, saying that he doesn't want his kids to walk in on he and his wife after a wild party, answering a question about what might make Harvey a good kisser without hesitating. Despite Team Kardashian winning the game, Harvey gives West a chance to play Fast Money. He wins $25,000 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in the process.

And everything is just fine.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey US.