Heather Lighton

Heather Lighton

  • Ryan Cookson's Imperfect Photographs

    Walking around with a clean stride and a Contax G2 at his hip, Ryan starts conversations with the kind of people most of us would probably avoid eye contact with. Then, sometimes, he takes their picture.

  • Sam Wong Takes Photos When The Party’s Over

    Sam Wong's teen years alone in a big city introduced him to photography, hip hop, and the distinct characters that would populate his work.

  • Jack Shelton’s California Love

    Jack Shelton is a tall, attractive kid from Melbourne’s beachside suburbia with a fetish for California and weed—or “spinach” as he calls it.

  • From Rags to Bitches

    My dog Herb was found wandering the streets. Now he drinks puppy chinos and has a $65 lead. I’m reluctant to let anything from the mere supermarket touch his baby fur seal soft body. This has caused me to wonder: What can I get for Herb?

  • Puppies and Kitties and Crying Protesters

    The Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne had an open day this weekend to celebrate their 100th birthday. Which sounds like a pretty sweet day out, except for the protest being held across the road accusing them of murdering dogs for cash.

  • Rohan Hutchinson's "Kanazawa Study" is Clean, Cool, Awesome

    When Rohan Hutchinson goes out shooting, he doesn’t do local and he doesn’t pack light.