Kara-Lis Coverdale

  • What Ladies Need to Know About Taking a Whiz al Fresco

    It's sad that something as natural and beautiful as the act of urination becomes an inconvenience to females. But what many of you might not know is that confident women have been secretly squatting to piss in the woods for ages, and ladies, it’s about...

  • Dicey Decisions

    George Cockcroft is a psychiatrist who makes all of his life decisions with a roll of the dice.

  • How To Build a Bunker

    My Dad lives on his own 40-acre planet out the middle of redneck no-where where he does whatever strange and amazing things he wants. So it wasn’t really much of a surprise when he casually mentioned that he was thinking about building a fully loaded...

  • Roadkill Is the New Black

    Gerry Armsworthy is a 73-year-old “roadkill specialist” who turns the carcasses of street animals into over 100 pieces of couture each year.

  • The Ding Dong’s Guide To Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory gets pretty complex once you start adding numbers and physics and probability and all that smart stuff into the picture.

  • The Story Behind Drake's Best Headline Yet

    You know a tattoo is truly great when half the people you show it to screw their faces up and look like they're about to keel over and puke, and the other half flat-out cry "fake."