Karl Henkell and Heather Lighton

  • We Went to Wee Waa

    We went to Wee Waa for the global launch of the new Daft Punk record (even though the internet had already released it). If you’ve never been to Wee Waa, it’s 7 hours from Sydney and 12 hours from Melbourne. Which roughly triangulates to the middle of...

  • How Does It Feel: Supernova

    Last weekend was Supernova, for those who have been under a rock (or a woman), it’s a nerd fantasyland extravaganza at the Melbourne Showgrounds. We set the tone for the day by catching the no. 57 there, which according to my photographer Heather is...

  • How Does it Feel: LMFF Independent Runway

    I don’t go to a lot of fashion shows, but when I turned up at LMFF Independent Runway and got seated in the second row, I was pretty happy. There's much more pressure being in the front row, especially with the overwhelming urge to stick a leg out.

  • How Does It Feel: Melbourne University O-Week

    Starting a new year of tertiary education has got to be a minefield of emotions. Here are some of them.

  • We Went to the Alan Border Medal Presentation Because Someone Invited Us

    Everyday we arrive at work to inboxes full of invitations from public relations people who don’t really know what we do. They can be anything from the launch of a new brand of mocassin, to the latest pop up flash mob collaborative branded street art...