Lele Saveri

  • Fun People

    Photographer Lele Saveri hails from Rome, but now he lives and works between Milan and New York. In the following selection Lele photographs a big man on a little bike, a short order cook with a Bela Lugosi face-tattoo, and other incredibly strange...

  • Boccaccio '70

    Photos by Lele Saveri; Styling by Anna Carraro

  • Christmas in the Andes

    The girls all braid their hair and put on their finest brocade skirts and hats. The boys put on their nicest ski masks and leather chaps and affix a dead bird to the top of their noggins.

  • Hooray, Jesus Is Dead!

    I shot this Easter festival in San Fratello, Italy, a small mountain town in middle-of-nowhere Sicily. At the Festa dei Giudei (Feast of the Jews), about 200 of the town’s approximately 4,000 inhabitants dress in masks, loudly blow...

  • A Swedish Love Story

    Photos by Lele Saveri, Styling by Filippa Berg

  • Stood Up

    Photos by Lele Saveri, Styling by Aldene Johnson

  • In Bed With...

    Photos by Lele SaveriStyling by Anna Carraro

  • Il Duce Bags

    Ever heard of a place called Predappio? Wow, it's weird. We came across it by accident when travelling through central Italy on holiday last month.