Michael Bray

  • This Ain't Dad Rock

    Blues Control are a two-piece New York entity who, like their music, are slowly and steadily building steam, creating mind-bending music on their own terms. Formed in January 2006 as a tongue-in-cheek side project to Watersports (an improvisational new...

  • Blues & Roots

    Buffalo were the quintessential Aussie rock band in the 70s. They busted their balls around the country for years playing school socials, RSLs and their own parties—basically anywhere they could find long haired dudes sticking their heads in the bass...

  • Grinding Metal

    How much you like Whitehorse will probably depend on the length of your attention span.

  • Love Instruments

    Oh! Belgium annoy a lot of people.

  • Warped Vision

    Wolf Eyes makes the kind of music that burrows into your skull like a hungry maggot.

  • Nursery Crimes

    Occasionally a band comes along so perfect, original and unaffected that rabid scenesters can only watch in disbelief as the words, "why didn't I think of that" spill from clenched teeth.