The First Annual Fiction Issue

  • Records

    So the scoop is Jay-Z comes out of his pseudoretirement and makes an album that’s, well, not good. Now not good by Hov standards means you still get stellar lyricism.

  • Books On A Budget

    Do you like spending shitloads of money on stuff you don't really need? I mean who are you, really, if you can't drop a couple thou here and there on what-ever-the-fuck? What's the point of even drawing another breath if you can't live a little?

  • Spiritual Gold

    After listening to their album Organic Universe and some long and careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that nothing could prepare you well enough for The New Alchemy.

  • Vice Mail

    This is not an ass kiss, more of a sincere thank-you. I am not a part of Vice’s demographic—37, married with three kids, ages 10, 8, and 6.

  • From Velvet

    I’m half dead from grief because I turned into trash. There was the day I hit my dog. I changed sides. I went to the killer side even though I was fraught with fear. I was garbage inside. I had become trash. What could I do if I couldn’t touch her...

  • Electric Independence

    In Zanzibar for a few days during September, I wandered with my sister through the narrow streets of the East African island's ancient capital, Stone Town, one sweltering afternoon.