What It’s Like to Be Married to an OnlyFans Model

“Would you rather have a wife no man wants to talk to or look at?”
newlywed married couple kissing
Photo by Victor Dyomin / Getty Images.

Writing about the sex industry, I often encounter men who say they’d never date an OnlyFans model, let alone marry her. Fuck her, sure. Build a life with her? No way. 

I never really understood. There are plenty of relationship benefits a man can glean from a woman with a page. One, she’s probably super hot. Two, she’s probably more sexually open than most women. Three, she’s probably making bank. 


Still, perhaps there’s the risk of jealousy, rude subscribers, judgmental friends, or something else I hadn’t considered. So to learn more, I reached out to the real experts: men married to OnlyFans models. After speaking to seven different husbands, instead of horror stories, I heard of men who were perfectly fine with their wives on the platform, with some of them even spurred to start pages of their own. 

Most surprising was how these men believed their wives’ OnlyFans brought them closer as a couple. Palladium, husband to Heidi V, says, “We’re partners in crime and doing this for our family.”

Here’s what else I learned.

Starting an OnlyFans together 

For these couples, the decision was made jointly. Jordan, married to model Evie Euphoric, explains, “We wanted to get ahead and buy a house. With the cost of everything going up and a lot going on with OnlyFans, we decided that Evie should create a page.” 

Jack, model Ashley Carter’s husband, says they used to joke about her starting a page. When she told him she was actually going through with it, he says, “I had no issue whatsoever. She’s quite busty, has a big ass, and an hourglass figure, so I knew she’d be well-received.”

Zac, married to model Emmy Rosa, was the one who encouraged his wife to join the platform. “It turns me on that other men are looking at her.”


The sexual benefits

Speaking of turn-ons, Zac says that part of why he motivated Emmy to create an OnlyFans was to “showcase” their incredible sex life. “We’re sexually adventurous. This is just us expressing what we would do in our personal life anyway.”

Jordan shares this sentiment: “Evie and I were having good sex already. We thought if people wanted to pay to watch it, why not bring in some money for it?”

Vincent Bellucci, husband to model Valentina Bellucci, says he has experienced some jealousy about the men Valentina shoots with, but he calls it a “positive jealousy.” As he explains, “If she’s shooting with a man and likes a certain position we don't usually do in our personal life, I think it's something new for us to try.” The same goes if she’s shooting content with a very fit, good-looking guy: “It’s time for me to work out to look better for her.”

And Vincent says the sex only got better after his wife began creating content on the platform. “Before starting her OnlyFans, if she felt like she didn’t look good in a certain sexual position, she wouldn’t want to do it. Now, she's completely comfortable with everything,” he says. 

Jack had a similar experience. “She’s much more willing to try new things in the bedroom now.” He loves seeing her in all the lingerie she buys for her shoots. “And after shoots, Ashley always jumps my bones.” He’s also enjoyed watching her explore her bisexual side. “She’s tried other girls for the first time in her content. Now we’re talking about having our first threesome.” 


The financial benefits 

For Jesse Jones, husband of model Amber, her success on the platform has alleviated their financial stress. “Before OnlyFans, she was having trouble with jobs,” he explains. This was difficult because as a personal trainer, his income fluctuates. “Since she took off on OnlyFans, it's been much more relaxing,” he says. “I can work on my business without being stressed if I don’t make enough money that week.”

According to Jack, Ashley’s added income has been an enormous help to their household. “It not only gives Ashley her own money to pamper herself—getting her nails, hair, and facials done—but those are all tax write-offs. This has saved me a lot of money!” Jack says they've gone on several holidays, which they could extend and upgrade, thanks to Ashley’s work. 

For some, the financial side has required a mental adjustment, like how Zac says he’s had to re-examine his role as a husband based on how much Emmy is earning. “That she's actually making really good money, it was more of a self-worth thing for me because I was used to providing for her.”

It’s a team effort

Heidi V comfortably makes six figures a year—enough that she's pursuing adult content creation over working as an engineer. Palladium and Heidi both have engineering degrees. In fact, they met while at university. Now, Palladium dedicates himself to working full-time for his wife, both behind and in front of the camera. “It’s about combining work and pleasure,” he shares. “Say, we go to the beach. She’ll give me a blowjob there and film it. That’s exciting.”

He isn’t the only husband who’s begun working full-time for his wife, though. Zac says Emmy’s OnlyFans income has given him the financial freedom to quit his job and work for Emmy, doing all the production. 


Fennel, married to model Ursinae Vespera, also says his wife's OnlyFans is a joint business. He shoots the content, does the lighting and art direction, and builds the sets. “I enjoy the creativity,” he says. “And because we do it together, it brings us closer.” Fennel has enjoyed helping his wife so much with their page that he now has one of his own.

The biggest challenges

One of the toughest parts of the job is dealing with the long hours and lack of work/life separation. Jesse says that people don't respect how time-consuming running it can be. "People think it's so easy. You post a photo online and then boom, you become a millionaire overnight. They don't see all the hard work that goes into it. Amber's shooting all weekend.”

Palladium says the amount of work that Heidi used to put into running her page was grueling. She used to stream for ten hours straight, and that taxed their relationship. “It’s like, hurry up. I miss you,” he explains. “I’m not jealous of the men she’s talking to; I’m jealous of her time.” These days, Heidi works fewer hours. They also keep her shoots on a dedicated floor upstairs in their house, separate from their real lives. 

Clients can be needy and disrespectful. As Jordan sees it, though, such subscribers give he and his wife a perspective on how healthy their relationship is. “The only reason men are like that is because they don’t have much real-life experience with women.” 


For the most part, these couples report having supportive friends and families. Sure, Jesse says people are still sometimes judgmental: “I'll be telling one of my mates about Amber’s OnlyFans, and his girlfriend will be listening, and she'll give a weird, smug look. But the majority of people that hear about it are very supportive.”

It’s just a job 

For these men, staying sane while their wives run OnlyFans comes down to realizing it’s just a job. Fennel says he sees subscribers as paying customers, and that’s it.

Honesty is, of course, an important component of keeping a relationship healthy, regardless of a partner’s work. Evie is completely transparent with Jordan about the requests she receives. “If a request makes one of us feel weird,” he explains, “we discuss it. Every conversation makes us stronger and reaffirms what we already have: the ability to be open about everything.”

Ultimately, these men all say their lives have improved since their wives started their OnlyFans. “We have so much more flexibility now,” Palladium shares. “All our friends are stuck in the 9-to-5 grind. We’re free.” The couple doesn’t see an end in sight, either. “She’s been doing this for eight years and we can easily see her doing it until she’s old and gray.”

“Honestly, it’s been one of the best things for us in our relationship,” Jack explains. He doesn’t understand the stigma. “If it makes you happy, pays the bills, and benefits you in multiple ways, then why not do it? If other guys want to pay for Ashley to spoil herself and have other luxuries, then why would I have a problem with it?”