This story is over 5 years old.

Aphex Twin Just Dumped Some Archived Material on His Soundcloud (Again)

Featuring such hits as "DIGISND80T2[digisound Modular VCDCO's (stereo)] Comp examples1"

The platform might be making life difficult for a lot of its users, but Aphex Twin is defiantly flying in the face of Soundcloud's recent purge and has uploaded a bunch of previously unreleased material. It's not the first time he's done this, so you know the drill by the now. Tracks including "@F1 - MATRIXT1" and "DIGISND80T2[digisound Modular VCDCO's (stereo)] Comp examples1" were uploaded last night and are already clocking thousands of plays and excited comments from his legions of fans and followers. As for the music, it is more brain melting glitchtronica, crackling and fizzing with the synthesised warbles. Not necessarily easy-listening, but another valuable and fascinating insight into one of electronic music's most warped and brilliant minds.


At this stage, given their regularity, it is probably worth developing some sort of signal system for the dumps. Maybe we need some sort of foghorn, or a floodlight with shape of Aphex's logo that we can blast into the sky every time he drops a catalogue of new material. That, or we will take to the streets with a bell, wandering around announcing "new Aphex uploads….new Aphex uploads…", like a modular-obsessed town crier.

Check out the Soundcloud here.