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Paul Oakenfold's Future House Remix of Red Hot Chili Peppers Signals the End of Dance Music

This remix may very well get Anthony Kiedis back on drugs.
Scap-rah-doo-ba-bumba-dumba-dinga, this how RHCP used-to-sing-ah, around the same time in history that Paul Oakenfold was one of the world's first trance lords and dance music icons. Unfortunately, some things are best left in the nineties. Paul Oakenfold's smash-and-grab attempt at relevancy with a #futurehouse remix of RHCP's mopey croon-a-long "Otherside" is less topless Kelly Kapowski and more shirtless Bob Dole.

There's never been a good remix of RHCP, ever, but Oakie, once responsible for a storied lineage of rave and acid house monuments laid from Ibiza to the UK, has done the unimaginable by throwing future-house, the most rinsed sound of the day, atop this monstrosity of irrelevancy. The tune is nearing MDNA levels of desperation and could, in fact, be the nail in the coffin for EDM.

Not only has Oakie future-fried "Otherside," but the man has has gone so far as to release an entire remix package for the track, including a "big-room mix" (no!), and a so-called "house mix."

Someone pass the Xanax.