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Electronic Music Festivals Have Been Banned in Buenos Aires

Following five deaths at Time Warp earlier this month, Argentinian authorities will not issue permits for festivals in the capital.

Following the deaths of five festival goers at Time Warp earlier this month, the Argentinian government have decided to cease offering permits for festivals that focus on electronic music in Buenos Aires. According to the Guardian, "The Buenos Aires mayor, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, said the measure would remain in effect until the city legislature approved a law to prevent drug abuse during such events."


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The newspaper also reported that in addition to the five fatalities, "another four" attendees were rushed to hospital. "Designer drugs including ecstasy pills, doses of LSD, marijuana, poppers and cocaine," were spotted by witnesses at the festival.

There is currently no clear information available as to when the drug prevention legislature will be drafted and passed in order for festivals to take place in the capital again.

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