Stop Everything (Unless You're Blazing) and Listen to this Entire Mix Devoted to Weed

"There's lot of The Weeknd in there, 'cause he is like the drug munter icon of our generation."
April 20, 2016, 1:55pm
Artwork by Ashley Goodall

People love weed. This is the impression you get anyway, from the way people talk about it, sing about it, write about it, and literally have a day each year to officially praise its existence (and pseudo-protest its prohibition). There's no molly day or poppers day (*waits patiently for death threats from Molly Day 16 event organisers*). So weed's obviously got some kind of mass appeal over all those other drugs. Sorry if I sound nerdy asf right now but I can't smoke weed; I become a nervous, quivering chihuahua. Which sucks because if I ever run into Rihanna on a yacht in St Tropez I'm not gonna say no to her blunt and then she's gonna see me like that and it's going to be embarrassing.


Among the hoards of people who fucking love weed is Melbourne DJ Blazepartame, who made a mix dedicated to the stuff. Or maybe to the act of smoking it. Or maybe to the people that make music about weed? Either way, this mix is extremely 420 appropriate. Spanning decades of weed-centric tracks, "BLAZE IT 420 MIX" includes stuff from Kelela, Snoop, Young Thug, and, like, an hour and twenty minutes more. "The mix is long and languid, it's designed to work as both background or foreground music while you get lit. I guess that's because sometimes being stoned is chill sometimes it's a bit more hype. This mix covers both," he said. "The Next Episode section is particularly important, same with the woozy footwork that peeks through the entire mix. There's lots of Abel [The Weeknd] in there, 'cause he is like the drug munter icon of our generation. The most important track is the last one."

So if you're worshiping weed today, kick back and soundtrack your day with this mix. And if you're like me and you turn into a tin-foil hat-wearing vibe-killer when you smoke, listen to it anyway; it's a free country (except for the whole War on Drugs thing). Happy 420 little bros. [Ed's note: I can confirm that].

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