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Watch Matty Matheson Make a Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Ride the river of love with Matty.

Another week, another installment of IT’S SUPPERTIME!, where our host, Matty Matheson, reminds us that it can’t be suppertime without dessert. Because it's almost Valentine's Day, what better time than now to make a molten chocolate lava cake? It's the ultimate romantic dessert. The outside is mushy and soft, concealing that piping river of chocolate love that emerges the second you dig your spoon into it. Ooh la la!


It's not that hard to make, either. Trust Matty. If you’re a rookie who’s never cooked with a double boiler and a ramekins, don’t worry: Matty will show you the way. And, boy, is the product worth it—chocolate lava cake, Matty claims, is the perfect dessert to prime you for a night of “ravenous, mediocre sex.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Catch the full episode tonight at 7 PM EST on VICELAND. Get the recipe for these chocolate lava cakes right here.