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Dan Snyder Sends Signed Photo to Fan Who Just Wanted to Keep Kirk Cousins

Washington's owner got a letter from a fan begging him to keep Cousins no matter what, and Snyder apparently didn't want to justify it with a response.
Photo via Reddit user sitindacaddy

Sometimes, you've just got to embrace your super villain status. Dan Snyder is a generally reviled human being, and there's no way the Washington owner isn't aware of that. So he seems to have been honing his craft of trolling the haters in his free time.

A reddit user claims to have sent Snyder a letter in December, requesting that Snyder "do everything in his power" to hold on to quarterback Kirk Cousins. That didn't work out, however, because Cousins, tired of getting jerked around by Snyder and Co., signed with the Minnesota Vikings in March. But, after likely not expecting anything at all, the reddit user just yesterday got a message back from Snyder. It was quite simply just this:

(That's "Hail to the r[acist slur]," if you didn't know.)

Dan Snyder is one huge asshole, but this is an impressive level of trolling. Just look at that posture, the full-bodiedness of the shot, that smug ass grin. You… like that?